5 Ideas For Building Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

At the most Americans on social media “,87% of adults use Facebook”, neglecting to establish social media accounts for their business can be a detriment to your business. On social media sites, business owners can connect with prospective customers, discuss items of interest and build awareness of company products or goals. And the basic costs for doing so are relatively low. But starting out can be difficult. With so many users regularly publishing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sites, how do make sure your own messages are heard? WebCanny members – experts in marketing, advertising, branding and other specialties – offer their advice for building your social media presences and brand awareness.

1. Always Listen First

First, take a look at what your industry, competitors, and community are doing on the main channels. Then you can formulate a strategy for engaging with your community in a way that provides value and positions you properly. Don’t start creating profiles and posting until you’ve taken the time to understand the platform

2. Become A Thought Leader

When businesses start on social media, they often think it’s just about getting in front of people. But most importantly, it’s about educating and inspiring. Know your personas, focus on the channels they are on and be a thought leader in your space. Always remember to have a personality on social media though. Even if you’re a B2B brand, let your culture shine through on your social channels

3. Don’t Just Check The Box

Social media is exactly that: social. Building up your business presence requires knowing who your business is and creating a voice and personality that connects with your target audience. Don’t just promote, cite features and benefits, or simply share links or content. Talk with — not to — your fans. When you focus on providing value and building a community, awareness will take care of itself.

4. Be Consistent

The No. 1 thing a business should be building up on social media is consistency. Garnering attention is hard and when it comes and you’re not consistent, you’ll lose it. Too many times, brands stop using social because “they don’t see results.” They need to be patient and consistent while understanding it takes time to build their brand in such a noisy environment.

5. Build A Blueprint, Then Start With Awareness

You do a lot of planning and you do a lot of research, so you know where your customers are. Once you understand them, start the blueprint for your funnel. Start at awareness: You can’t propose on the first date. All of your initial marketing efforts should be purely directed towards awareness. Branded content strategies are fantastic to showcase your brand in a positive light.

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