Best Apps and Tools for Social Media Marketers

Apps and Tools for Social Media Marketers

1. Hootsuite Mobile

Best for: Managing social profile pages

Hootsuite Mobile gives you the flexibility to manage your social projects and collaborate with your team while on the go.

Whether you need to make a last-minute edit to a social post or monitor customer conversations away from your desk, Hootsuite Mobile can help. Schedule content, publish posts to all major social networks, connect with customers, and approve posts from your team–all from a single app.

Increase your productivity with the Hootsuite mobile app. The easy-to-use social media app allows you to schedule, publish, and monitor conversations from anywhere.

2. Evernote

Best for:  Text Note sharing and tagging projects

Evernote is a simple and intuitive note-taking app. If you’re drafting copy for social posts, writing notes for an upcoming campaign, or adding a team work back schedule—you’ll want to use Evernote.

Evernote has some other handy features that allow you to share documents, tag projects by date or campaign type, and add links to other documents like decks or calendars. It’s great for personal use and team sharing, which makes it an ideal app for marketers.

3. Buffer

Best for: Social Media Manager and Scheduler

Buffer is a web-based social media management app that automatically schedules posts to be shared on popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

Buffer will automatically schedule social media posts to appear during times the posts have the highest potential to gain the most views (users also always have the ability to schedule their own post times).

Buffer has analyzed and tracked the most popular social media websites to determine highest traffic and usage times and automatically schedules postings to give the user a better chance of being read by the widest intended audience possible.

4. Canva

Best for: Create Amazing Graphic Design for Free

Canva has a photo editing app for iOS that allows you to edit photos, add text, stickers, frames and effects to your social media photos. Canva benefits from a huge collection of free and paid photos so you can find images quickly depending on theme or style.

Canva also offers pre-designed templates so if you’re in a rush, you don’t have to worry about choosing fonts or designs for image overlay. You can share photos directly to social or through a social media management tool.

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5. Clips

Best for: Editing short social videos

Clips is a mobile video editing software application created by Apple, Clips is a handy tool for creating and editing square video. It’s best for capturing short videos on your iPhone and doing basic edits before uploading to social media.

Once you’ve recorded a video, you can easily add text, effects ,and graphics. The Live Titles feature allows you to you add animated captions and titles simply by talking.

All videos in Clips are synced with the iCloud, so you can edit your videos across all your devices.


6. Asana

Best for: Team collaboration, productivity and Track projects

Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work. When you’re working on a social campaign with multiple team members, it’s important to assign roles and responsibilities to make sure projects get done. The Asana app lets you organize and track your team projects from start to finish.

With the Asana app you can create tasks, add documents and due dates, assign roles, and have conversations around the project. Asana works best if your team uses the G suite.

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7. Facebook Pages Manager

Best for: Managing multiple Facebook Pages

If you manage several branded Facebook Pages, the Pages Manager app will help you respond to customers faster. You can also connect your Instagram account to manage Facebook and Instagram comments or messages from one inbox.

If you need to check in on the performance of a post, Page Insights is also available through the app.

8. Google Drive

Best for: File storage and collaboration

The Google Drive app is a safe place for your files and makes them easily accessible from a mobile device. If you need to catch up on some work or review shared documents on the go, Google Drive will sync any changes across your devices.

Similar to the desktop tool, you can create and share docs, slides, and sheets, set viewing and sharing permissions, and update documents.

9. Dropbox

Best for: File Storage and file sharing

The Dropbox app is an easy way for you to share and collaborate on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from the cloud.

Dropbox also allows you to share large files with other people who don’t have Dropbox, which can be really handy for project-sharing with external clients. You can also set up shared folders, set permissions, and collaborate on projects.

10. Slack

Best for: Team Communication

Messaging app Slack is super useful for cross-team collaboration. If you’re working on a social campaign and need to share documents, get feedback, or come to a group decision quickly, you should use Slack.

Slack has lots of useful features that allow you to set up working groups, tag campaigns, and search for old projects or campaigns in your conversation archives and File Sharing, Secure Communication, Instant Messaging

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