Tips for Creating Evergreen & Quality Content


When you plan to write evergreen content for your blog, it obviously needs to be subject-specific and stand the test of time. Is this possible in today’s ever-changing world, where technology is changing rapidly? So how will you make sure that it stays relevant time and will continue to get traffic? Here are some tips.

evergreen content

Let content match your product

Let’s say, for example, you own a fashion brand. In this field, there are tonnes of great content ideas you may come up within a short period of time. However, if you are selling a less glamorous product like a mosquito repellent, or house cleaning services, then the content obviously cannot be as glamorous or interesting like the former.

Nevertheless, we found the following pest control blogs very interesting:

Therefore, it goes without saying that you don’t need a glamorous product to write a great blog. Your blogs can be just as interesting, even if you don’t have a fashion product to sell.

Identify Customer Problems and Solve Them

Customers will flock to your site when they know what they will get from you. If you own a restaurant, then they may be interested in your popular recipes, if you are fashion designer, they may ask you for grooming tips and so on.

Here are some DIY and problem-solving sites that we found helpful.

These sites basically fulfil the needs of their respected visitors by providing solutions to most of their problems in a DIY (do-it-yourself) format. Most of the DIY solutions given in these sites will remain ever-green at least for a long time.

Search the Analytics

Check out the site stats to see which search keyword is most commonly used to get to your website. Once you analyse the valuable site data, you will know for sure what works and what doesn’t. You can check the traffic stats to know which kind of posting is attracting huge traffic and which isn’t.

Check out Keywords Rankings– Update Content, Keep it Fresh

Check out the keywords you want to rank for and how those are actually ranking. Find out which keywords are doing better and which are not ranking well. You may plan your content likewise (by incorporating the required keywords in the right proportion. It is possible that the keywords which ranked well, came down due to old content; if so you need to tweak the related content a little bit and make your keyword rank well again.

An old blog need not necessarily be discarded. It just needs to be prepped up with the latest information & added graphics and updated once again.

Be Specific and Technical

Your blog pertains to your niche, so don’t shy away from being technical. Your aim is not to please all audiences, but to deliver the right traffic to your site. So it helps you in the long run to be more subject specific in your blog; avoid the urge to be generic and understandable by one and all.

Curated Content

People have an obsession with the top 10 of everything. Create a curated post containing the top 10 of your respective field. I’m sure people will love it. You may further include links inside those postings for further information. People also love listings and the will definitely come back to your site, to see more of it.

The above tips will help you carve out evergreen content for your blog. The term ‘Go Green’ doesn’t just refer to your environment. It applies to your blog too (pun intended)!

Strategies to Drive more Traffic to your Website

In the era of social media and online marketing, many people are getting enlightened about websites and the benefits of having an online presence. However,  getting your website done for your business is just for starters. Once your business is online, you need to know how to drive more traffic to your website.

how to increase website traffic, Drive more Traffic to your Website

Run Promotions with Key Influencers

Check out the influencers in your particular field and bring them in. Start a contest, where the prize will, of course, be sponsored by you. Let the influencer be the ‘star attraction’ and gather all the attention you will need for the contest. It is mutually beneficial for both of you, as you stand together in success.

Advertise Blog Content on Facebook

Yes, indeed! You may advertise your blog posts on Facebook. But some might say, “I want to know how to increase website traffic 'without' placing ads, losing money and filing for bankruptcy”. You may be correct. However, the good news is that there are ways to advertise in the right way, and not lose money. You may consider placing and place gated content on your blogs, to invite email registrations to build up your subscriber list and work on those with a solid email strategy. That's because, advertising value-added posts yields a better response than selling things at the outset.

Advertise to Custom Audience

Advertise your lead generating content after creating a custom audience on Facebook and reap the rich rewards. Facebook helps create an audience similar to your current subscribers and thereby targets the right audience for your advertisements. Once you target the right audience with your ads, promotions and offers, there is a chance of improving your click through rate.

Create Great content

Your content must reach out to your audience in innovative ways, and help them achieve their objectives. It can be a “DIY (do it yourself) or How-to” post enabling people to achieve their goals, in a practical way. People will be therefore be glad to read your content and to apply your suggestions in their daily life.

You may thus follow the below steps:

  • Provide valuable content
  • Promote it in the right way
  • Use the right influencers
  • Use proper promotion channels
  • Promote to the right audience

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In this video SEO Expert Brian Dean, speaks about a 3-step process you can use to get more traffic from Google...without higher rankings. He also talks about a “2-minute tweak” for insanely-competitive keyword rankings and the 8 words you NEED to have on every page in your site if you’re serious about SEO in 2016. And more...

Answer Questions on Quora

Question and Answer sites like Quora are not just there to provide information. They can get you quality audience and leads as well. All you need to do is to answer questions in your field of specialisation. Once you are proficient and consistent with your answers, you will definitely gain the reputation as an expert in your particular field. Gaining reputation is something which cannot be accomplished overnight. You need a lot of patience and persist answering questions; do it rightly for a period of time. Once you are perceived as an expert in your field, then people will flock to your blog or website as a source of valuable information.

There are much more ways to increase website traffic. We may therefore choose them according to our preferences. So, which is your favourite way of doing achieving website traffic? Do let us know in the comments below.


Fabulous Blog-post Ideas that will make your Blog “HOT”


We have always spoken about blogs and their importance in online marketing. However, coming up with blog post ideas all the time is not possible at all. Even if you have the knowledge on the subject, coming up with new titles every time can be very demanding. So here are a few tips, which may come in handy when you are starved for blog post ideas.

blog ideas, blog topics, blog post ideas

Play the part of a journalist

Attend an event related to your field of work. Take pictures, interview people. Write back a blog on the event. This is basically reporting and nothing else. However, when it goes together with blogging, the result can simply be a ‘fresh and relevant blog post’. The bottom line is that you are providing useful content, and better still you are reporting LIVE.

Take a Popular Post and Comment

It is one of the best ways to build your authority as an expert in your field. Comment on a blog or article written by experts and give your take on it (after providing a link to their original posting). Commenting on the blog articles by experts also gets you possible back links, or better still, a re-tweet. This will definitely generate extra traffic on your blog.

Insider’s Secrets

Give your fans, some insight into your field, and how things work. No, I’m not asking you to spill the beans and tell them all your business secrets. However, let them into your world and give them a glimpse of what your average day looks like.

For e.g., if you are a martial arts expert, post a video of martial arts and self-defence. The audience will be grateful that they learnt some new self-defence secrets. In reality, you are not giving anything away. They will still need to enrol for your classes to learn it anyway. Nevertheless, you have created a rapport, and they will definitely come back to your page for more tips.

Expert Opinions

You will need to establish connections with experts in your particular field. Then, you can ask for their take on a particular issue. Ask them a set of questions, and record their replies for future postings. Each question you ask them can similarly be posed to other experts. In fact your questions, have the potential to become separate blog ideas, where your field experts talk on different issues.

Once you do this with the permission of the concerned speakers, publish them as a new blog, and tag them in your post. If you are good, chances are that you will earn a re-tweet and the eyeballs of their followers, who usually come in hundreds of thousands.

Generate Infographics

Many a time, when bloggers are starved for blog post ideas, they can turn to graphics. Infographics are very much in demand, especially those relevant to social media and online marketing. You may choose any other area depending on your expertise and make relevant statistics available, after adequate research.

Behind the Scenes Post

When you are short of blog topics, you can try this behind-the-scenes post. You basically let your audience into your production, retail or service facility through posting pictures of your employees, office, staff recreation and other significant office events. The idea is to let people know that there are human faces at work, behind the brand logo. That way, people associate themselves with the company, as they see for sure that humans with emotions run the company and not robots (no pun intended).

Are there any blog ideas that we have left out? Do let us know in the comments below.


What you need to know about Google Penguin 4.0 Algorithm Update


When Google Penguin algorithm update arrived in 2012, it is expected to take on websites which incorporate Black - Hat SEO techniques to boost their rankings. However, companies resort to paying money and buying links via link networks in a bid to top the rankings. The arrival of the Penguin 4.0 update in 2016, serves as a knockout punch for such websites.

penguin 4.0 update, google penguin algorithm, penguin, penguin update

So what's with the New Penguin Update?

Four years on, this is the 7th version of the Penguin 'Behemoth' and it is definitely 'armed to the teeth'! In the past, the websites which were affected by Penguin were periodically refreshed. Now Penguin doesn't need another update to take care of the affected websites. It will re-enforce its impact, by re-crawling and re-indexing the web page.

An official statement from Google’s Gary Illyes says, "With this change, Penguin's data is refreshed in real time, so changes will be visible much faster, typically taking effect shortly after we re-crawl and re-index a page. It also means we're not going to comment on future refreshes."

Penguin 4.0 is Real-time

The problem with earlier versions of Penguin was that, even if the affected websites would make amends by following Google Best Practices, Penguin would need to be refreshed, in order for you to get back your rankings. However, Penguin 4.0 operates in real-time; all it takes is a re-crawl and re-indexing to get back your site ranking.

Penguin is More Specific

Web pages with spam content will definitely be penalised, however, the overall website ranking will not be affected. Only the particular webpage in question will bear the brunt of it.

Barry Schwartz is the CEO of RustyBrick, a New York Web service firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales. In this video Barry Schwartz talks about the Penguin 4.0 Algorithm update and some early observations of its “aftermath”.

What are Penguin Recoveries?

If you have suffered the 'wrath' of Penguin 4.0 and your SEO rankings have gone down, you obviously need to recover from the loss. This recovery process can take from 72 hours to several months to resolve.
The recovery depends on the below factors:

  • The kind of penalty
  • Severity of the problem you are facing
  • Precise identification of the faults
  • How soon you are able to resolve these issues
  • The timing of your re-consideration request. (However, this is conditional. It doesn't apply in all cases)

Do we need to worry about Penguin 4.0 Algorithm?  

Penguin 4.0 is not something to worry about, especially when you are maintaining a high level of SEO practice. Even if your website is affected, you don’t need to wait for two years for a fresh update. Penguin is real-time; you can get back what you have lost if you make the necessary amends. We will throw more light on 'how to recover your lost SEO ranking' in a future blog post. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


The Benefits of Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing, customer relationship marketing, customer relations,

Customer relationship marketing is growing in popularity, thanks to the advent of the internet and social media. It is definitely going to be a ‘people’s favourite’. Why? That’s because, unlike traditional marketing, it does not focus on acquiring customers and selling products. Instead, it focuses on building customer relations and engagement as the first priority.

Relationship marketing concentrates on creating brand awareness, and not only attracts new customers but also retains old ones. Customer retention is a by-product of relationship marketing. Retaining your old customers can result in 15-20 % increase in annual revenue.  So how do we do it?

Building Trust

To generate trust, you need to engage with your audience on a regular basis on social media. You need to be consistent in your social media postings. The nature of postings must be varied and interesting. It should generate engagement.

Your fans comments must be acknowledged. Make sure that you address each of them by name, while answering them on social media. Your social media postings should provide value to your fans and customers. Your social media posts can also be linked to your blog where you provide your subscribers with exhaustive information in your field of expertise.

Word of Mouth – Referrals

Relationship marketing, customer relationship marketing, customer relations,

Once you generate a buzz online media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs via out of the box posts, the word will be out and your brand will get talked about.

People don’t just want a product, but an experience. Give it to them and they will love you. How to give them a brand experience? It’s simple!

Make them feel special. Answer their queries through social media comments, email or even telephone. You can go one step ahead and make a database of your customers along with their special dates (anniversaries, birthdays). You can send personalised greetings to them and make them feel special.

Increased Business Opportunities

And suppose they want to buy a product you have, will they go to your competitors?  Will they refer their friends to your competitors? The answer is ‘NO’!

Loyal customers don’t go shopping around, even if the price is less, because they are more focused on the value they are getting. It goes without saying, that when they are getting value, they don’t mind referring your product to their friends and family. Returning customers, are also less costly to acquire, because they know how your product works.


Let’s summarise the essential elements of successful relationship marketing:

Customer Support: Have a great customer support team, which provides personalised service to your customers.

Educating Customers: Make sure that you provide value to your customers through your blog. Let them know about the latest trends and technologies in your field. Give them something to think about!

Social Media: Engage with customers on social media. Answer their comments and solve their issues (i.e., issues - concerning your product or field).

Email Marketing: An e-mail is still one of the most powerful ways of marketing and re-marketing to your customers. So, you need to have an email marketing strategy also in place.

In this video Michael Stelzner the CEO of Social Media Examiner interviews Mari Smith, author of “The New Relationship Marketing and Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day”. Mari Smith is one of the world’s leading social media thought leaders, who is also Facebook’s designated “Small Business and Facebook Marketing Expert” and Forbes’ “#4 Top Social Media Power Influencer”

Have Loyalty Programs: A loyalty program is worth its salt, only if the rewards are outstanding. Have your loyal customers sign up for the loyalty program and reap its benefits. It is also a good way of re-selling to existing customers, by offering great deals.

You can thus cement your client relations by means of A customer relationship marketing strategy; also make sure that your product or services are of top-quality. Once you follow the above guidelines, your customer relations get a boost and business success won’t be far away.


Video Strategies to Boost Facebook Engagement


The visibility of your Facebook fan page is not what it once used to be. A very less percentage of your fans actually get to see what you post every day. This wasn’t the situation prior to 2012, when you could expect your posts to be seen by a huge number of your fans. However, the number declined from 16% to 7% in 2014. Now in 2016, only 2.5% of your fans are getting to see your posts.


According to Post planner, Facebook is coming up with another algorithm, which will further curate, what your fans are going to see in their news feed. By now I’m sure you are aware that, if there is one thing that’s constant on Social Media, it is ‘change’.

However, we all know that every problem has a solution. With Facebook curtailing our reach, how do we reach out to our fans? The answer lies in posting videos to Facebook.


More than 100 million videos are watched daily on Facebook, while the number touches 5 billion on YouTube. Yes, Indeed! 5,000,000,000 videos are watched everyday on YouTube!

Videos are something which deserve to be shared; you need to upload videos to Facebook on a regular basis! This is the best way to promote your Facebook page for FREE.

Use Facebook LIVE

Facebook LIVE, helps you to reach out to a large number of viewers without having to pay for it. However, make sure you have a plan. Going live, when you have nothing valuable to offer would be a waste of time; so prepare well in advance about how you are going to make best use of your available time to keep the online audience ‘glued to their seats’. Facebook helps you reach a massive audience, and the longer you are live, more will be your reach. You can expect the numbers to be in the range of 400-500K by the end of your first hour of live streaming.

Use Slideshow Videos

  1. Facebook has made it easier to create videos, as shown in the below graphics.
  2. Go to your fan page and click on “Photo/Video”
  3. fb-article-1
  4. Choose “Create Slideshow” from the given optionsfb-article-2
  5. Choose the images and specify the different options like aspect ratio, image duration, transition and music.


Follow the above steps to create a simple video.

Use Video making Apps to make quick videos

Vine: This is a cool app which makes you create video for 6.5 seconds. Your video can definitely look eye catching and cool when it loops almost every seven seconds.

Artisto: This is again an amazing app, which enables you to create great looking videos using new video technology. This is FREE and available for both Android and iOS devices.

Adobe Spark: This is a simple video app, which creates amazing videos. There are times, when all you have is just text and nothing else. This app still helps you create nice videos out what’s available. Presently, it is available for Android users; however and iOS version may soon be on its way.

James Wedmore has been featured on numerous sites such as, Rise to the Top, Mixergy and many more.  He has been the Guest Instructor on 3 CreativeLIVE Workshops, and today, he hosts James Wedmore TV, his YouTube Channel that’s been viewed over 1 Million times.

In the above video ,James Wedmore gives us invaluable tips and tricks on how to use Facebook video to grow your business. 

I’m sure some of the apps mentioned above will definitely make you feel that making videos is not such a difficult task after all! These tools will surely help you to promote your Facebook page online. Do you have any favourite video apps which you use to post videos on Facebook? If so, do let us know in the comments below; we would love to hear from you.


14 Reasons why your small business needs a blog

In this age of content marketing and smart devices, it goes without saying that your small business needs a blog. Even you are directly not selling online, an interesting blog page will have a positive effect on your customers and website visitors, who will definitely want to know more about you. It thus attracts traffic and builds authority. Here are the various reasons why you need to blog regularly.


Direct Communication Channel: This is a direct means of communication between you and customers. It enables you to get in touch on a more personal level. Small business blogs help you to exchange views and discuss the trends in your particular field. It enables the customers to look up to you as a source of valuable industry-specific information.

SEO Friendly: Business blogs always attract a good SEO ranking. A well-written blog provides valuable content. As we are aware, search engine bots are always looking for fresh content to crawl. A website with fresh and unadulterated content is a favourite with Google and other top search engines, who will obviously elevate its page rank.

User-friendly: Having a blog doesn’t require you to have programming or designing skills. You may choose user-friendly platforms like WordPress and get the images from free sites like Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, Flickr Commons,,, Free Stock Photos and Good Free Photos.

More Customers: According to a survey, it has been found that more than 50% of businesses that have a blog get more customers. In this era of online marketing, people do not watch self-aggrandising advertisements and buy their products right away. They will check out if the business they are dealing with, is online, in the first place. They will also trust a website which has a blog displaying the company’s expertise in their respective field, before trusting them enough to do business.

Share your Expertise: A blog gives you a voice which will be heard by thousands, if not millions. People will seek your opinion as they will begin to regard you as an expert in your respective field.

Blog is a two way conversation: Blog c comments by your readers, result in a to and fro exchange of thoughts leading to a healthy conversation. You can thus invite users for giving their insights regarding a trending topic and see the diverse view and angles to that particular topic. You may thus get to know how people’s views differ from point to point regarding the same topic.

Creativity and Entertaining: Blogging need not be a chore. It can be something you look forward to doing regularly. Your love for blogging can make your blog entertaining and much sought after by your subscribers and daily website visitors. And your blog doesn’t have to be serious; a dash of humour when added appropriately can be like an icing on the cake.

Expand your Horizons: When you have a blog to write, you need to seek out new information regarding current affairs, and trends in your chosen field. As you go about your daily life you may get inspiration from movies, talking to friends, or taking a stroll around the block; you need to jot them in your notepad.

 Blog and Content Marketing: Having a blog helps you in making a content marketing strategy. Accordingly you may plan your blog posts, as part of a strategy. You may thus have a blog, to get you business leads as well by capturing interested subscribers by means of a form, offering them value, giving freebies and finally putting up an irresistible offer!

Free Publicity: Business blogs, along with social media are the best way to advertise your products or services. Many people can get to know about you. In fact many bloggers are interviewed by the press, which gets free publicity.

Confidence and Rapport: A blog builds confidence and rapport between you and your subscribers. Your subscribers will begin to trust you and your opinions.

Stay on top: A blog helps you to stay on top. Search engines will obviously keep you on top of their results and you will definitely get more web visitors than your competitors who don’t blog like you do.


In this video, “The Introduction to blogging” Eli the Computer Guy, talks about why we need to blog and what are the advantages. 

On his YouTube Channel, Eli the Computer Guy provides in depth information about IT as a profession. All his videos, are created with an eye towards ROI, and TCO.

Let the world know about you: Your small business blogs can also let the world know about your company, and the kind of business you are into. You may also let them know about the key persons who run the company and the staff who are the life-blood of the company. You may let them know what happens behind the scenes, through your blog pictures.

Analytics: Last but not the least, you will get to know more about your visitors through the blog analytics. This will help you know what kind of postings draw the majority of the audience,  and you may use this knowledge to your best advantage.

It is thus very important for any business to have a blog, which is up and running. Make sure you are consistent in your postings so that your followers know when to expect your next blog and eagerly await the same.


The Secret of Successful Facebook Advertising for your Local Business

When it comes to successfully marketing your local business, Facebook is the best bet. It is also easier to advertise on Facebook than through any other medium. You don’t even have to worry about the audience and how to get them; that’s because the audience is already classified according to your specifications. Once you specify your geographical location, age group, gender and language, much of your work is already done. If you are a local business, much of the targeting is done for you, including the exact placement of the ads, whether it is a mobile or desktop; it is pretty easy and catered to your local requirements.

facebook advertising2

Reach Out to your Specific AudienceWhen you place Facebook ads, let it mention the name of your city. This way, people reading this ad will immediately notice that it is meant for them in the first place. For e.g., if your ad title is “Web Design Services in Melbourne”, then it will have a greater impact on your target audience, who will then realize the Facebook ads are meant for them and that you are based in the same town.

Boost Post OptionWhen you choose to boost your post, you may start as little as $5. Select ‘people you choose through targeting’ and choose your city as well as the age group of your audience. You may choose to boost different kinds of posts. If you are into Facebook marketing, you may promote your blog. If you are a restaurant, then you may promote your new menu or restaurant pictures.


Create an EventAnother way to attract people is through an event. If you are dealer of cars, then have a ‘Weekend Test Drive Extravaganza’ planned on a weekend. Advertise this event and drive traffic to your social media page, as well as your website. If you are a restaurant, you may perhaps arrange for a special ‘Recipe Class with a Celebrity Chef’, and create an event on Facebook.

Offer a DiscountIf you are a restaurant, then you may offer a happy hour discount to boost sales. If you have a clothing store, you may offer a buy 2 get 2 offer. The kind of offer will depend on the type of business.

Value Added Content for Local MarketAlways provide content which caters to the local market. If you are a restaurant, you may write blogs about different cuisines or ‘Special items’ on your menu. If you are a website designer, you may write blogs about ‘Web-design trends & techniques’. Giving value added content will help you gain credibility as an expert in your particular field.

If you are a martial arts expert, you may post a video of everyday self-defence techniques. Likewise, if you are a yoga expert, you may post a yoga routine to start the day. So instead of asking people to buy your services all the time, you can shift gears and provide them what they want, and that is - providing value via blogs or videos.

Darrel Wilson is a WordPress expert, who has dedicated his time to help others learn how to create their own business's and start something on their own. Here he talks in detail about “How to use Facebook Ads for beginners”. It’s a must see video for small business owners who want to learn and master Facebook ads.

This is how you market your products to your target audience. If you are a local business, make sure to mention the name of your city in your offer. Last but not the least, make sure that your offer is enticing enough for people to click through it. Thus, Facebook marketing has the potential to take your small business to the next level.


9 Content Marketing Ideas for Success!

Marketing has evolved over the years, and attempts to woo future customers with traditional self-praising ads are just not adequate. Customers want to know more about your product, interact with you, and see if they are getting value. It is only then, they will become advocates of your brand and buy your products and services. Thus, content marketing is a means of achieving this trust and building a long lasting relationship.

content marketing ideas for success

Make a top 20 list

You can start off by making a ‘Top-20’ listing; search the web for top Bloggers, Tweeters and Instagram influencers, for your particular field. You can provide detailed information about these 20 people and what is so special about them. Let the audience know why you are so interested in their blog. Be genuine and make it interesting. You may also tag these influencers, in your postings. Some of these influencers may even re-tweet you, thus giving a lot of traffic back to your website and even improving its SEO value.

Answer industry specific questions

Content writing is all about providing value. People are always on the lookout for valuable information. You can answer various doubts pertaining to your industry via forums like Quora as well as your own blog. People will thus, get to know you by reading your answers and this helps you gain the reputation of being an expert in your chosen field.

Let the world know your Team

Interview your own team member. Let the audience know what an average day in the office, feels like. Talk about their aspirations, dreams, life and current affairs. Your fans and visitors on social media, as well as your blog, will realize that they are not dealing with machines, but human beings.

Reveal your new products (sneak peek)

Reveal your new products to your audience first! They will feel special by your gesture and love to be the first ones to start the buzz.

Make a tutorial video about your product

Make a video about how your product is used. Not every product needs a tutorial for usage instructions, as people will usually be familiar with them. However, if it is a new and revolutionary product, about to take the market by storm, it doesn’t hurt to show the world how it actually works. And the video will definitely generate a buzz!

Have a 50% OFF sale

Nothing sounds dearer to the human ears than hearing someone say “FREE” OR “50% off”. So capitalize on these magical words, and announce a 50% sale. Also make sure it is for not more than 3 days; create a sense of urgency! Make a nice graphic, put it on your website and watch the magic happen!

Hold a contest

Outside of a 50% sale, the other word which generates an equal amount of interest is “Contest”. Plan a contest for your fans. It may be as simple as taking a ‘Selfie’ with your product and posting it on social media. You may use the services of Gleam, in order to increase the chance of your contest being shared and becoming viral.

Participate at an event and write about it

 People love to hear valuable tips as well as experiences of others in the same field; you may include such topics to make your content writing all the more interesting. For example, if you were at a trade show, you may re-collect your experiences there and write a blog about the whole trade show participation. You may even compose a point wise checklist of the “Do’s and don’ts about trade show participation”.

Share the inspiring story of how you became an entrepreneur

People crave for inspiration, and if it is coming from people of their own field – then there is nothing like it! Share your story and tell the audience about what inspired you to start off on your own. Tell them about the difficulties you faced and how you overcame them to setup your own business. Let them know, what it takes for a business to succeed.

These are the different ways in which you can use content marketing to provide value as well as market your products and services.


How to make your Blog more Search Engine Friendly

A webpage is not visible to the world wide web unless it is crawled by the search engine bots. The top search engine Google approximately crawls 40 billion web pages and keeps them cached. These pages are ranked in order of their relevance and quality. In order to gain a high ranking from google, websites need to make sure that SEO optimisation is done in the right way and the below mistakes are avoided.


Absence of a Sitemap

A sitemap tells the search bots where to crawl. Having a searchmap saves time, infact it makes its job ten-times faster! If there is no site map, the search bot crawls all possible places and even those parts of the site which may contain duplicate content. Unless these pages are marked as ‘ no-follow’, Google  crawls the duplicate content and marks it as bad links – which is not good for SEO optimisation.

It is therefore very much necessary to have a site map for search engine submission. A site-map tells Yahoo, Ask, Bing, Google and other search engines, how to crawl your website in the first place. You need to setup Google’s Webmaster Tools and Search Console so that you will be aware of what’s happening when Google crawls your website, and rectify errors if any. For best results, make sure that search engine submission has been done for all the popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

Messed-up Code

Make sure that the text to program-code ratio is 50-50. If not, it will be perceived by searchengines as spam. If you are writing the content, then make sure you speak to the developer to make sure that elaborate content is written on all required pages. Make sure that the content reflects the keywords in the right way. If there is too much code and very little text, then it is likely to be perceived as spam and excluded by google in its quest for quality content.

Be active on social media

You need to make the best use of social media. Social media updates get indexed immediately, although they disappear soon as well. Some social media updates reach viral status; these have a tendency to stay-on depending on the degree of their viral status.

Good Backlinks

You also need to make sure that our blog receives links from highly ranked sites. Websites with a high Domain Authority (D.A.) rating, need to link to your site. It can be done by submitting articles on reputed websites with high PR ratings.

You also need to submit your links to directories, but you must be very selective at that. Some directories are categorized as bad, and you don’t want to be associated with them; it is not a good idea to either ‘link to’ or get links from those sites.


Embrace Social Media

It is always a good idea to create social media profiles across channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,YouTube, Pinterest and Google plus. Posting regular  updates gives search engines something to crawl about, and hence keep you on top of their results.

Social media is not exactly a sales generator, however when you search for a company, its social media profiles are also shown in the results. This means that although they don’t directly affect the Google ranking, they definitely appear in the search results and hence are a welcome source of traffic.

Social media also helps you to generate a one-to-one relationship with your online audience. They will get to know more about your product and services before trying them first hand. Online reviews on social media, help customers take better decisions before buying your services.

Link to Previous Content

Give references to previously written articles via hyperlinks. This act of linking to your previously written blogs increases your authority on the subject. Interlinking these blogs is also good for SEO. You can also channel traffic from one blog to another, thus increasing the visit-length, which again is good for SEO.

Following the above SEO tips, will keep you in good terms with search engine bots and get your website visible on the top of search engine results.