Difference between Web Advertising and Print Advertising

Web vs Print Advertising

Web Advertising and Print Advertising Both use images and text and both are yet different. The aim and the target audience may perhaps even overlap. But a question which often crops up in our minds: “Which is more effective, is it the online one or the actual print that leaves an impression on the minds of the audience, your potential customers?”

In today’s age of technology when we are witnessing “Internet of Things” every common man has the habit of fondling with smartphones. Information is accessed on phone more often than not and the convenience of purchasing or selling a product or service through online is immense. Furthermore it is cost-effective as well.

Web Advertising and print advertising are separate design processes. The format is different. In print the content is read and interpreted differently as against a version posted online. Internet offers varieties. You can have the headline and summary text and give a ‘Read More’ links to several other pieces of information such as text, facts, figures, etc. Additionally you can give the social media like buttons, comment section, and get discussions going online.

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Information on paper on the other hand has to be written from the traditional left to right way for the reader to make sense. The flyer should carry the information in a simpler format with some images, text and design. It shouldn’t be as busy as a webpage can be.  Else the reader will get confused.

The effectiveness also plays differently. For example, you saw a poster or hoarding on the road about the latest product which you had been pining to buy for long. You see the venue printed on it and reach the place overcoming all traffic congestion only to find that it has been sold out. What you do now?

Computers, tablets and smartphones have now made it simple. You can simply check online where else you can buy the product and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Furthermore you can even find a better product than what you were looking for or the same product which was selling in the mall at a certain price you may get at a lesser price. No need to bargain anything. Everything is available on your fingertips.

The outreach which you get in print is limited whereas through online you reach across the globe. If you customize your business as per the aspirations of your customers then you can create a unique brand image for your budding business using the web presence. Unlike print media, electronic channels have the option to track your success through certain tools to understand the demographic views which gives you a proper feedback as to what your consumers are responding well to and what they aren’t.

You also provide your customers the much needed comfort instead of making them run around to buy the product. The consumer is exposed to a large number of different products on the online platform and the good thing is that you can sell your other brands as well by giving a link option in your page which impossible to do in print. Moreover you spend only for maintaining the website and to your designer and save yourself from shelling large sums of money to the printer as well.

The visual aesthetics of your online design is your unique selling point in several instances making it a distinct one from print which cannot afford that many visual effects to sell the product. With internet still evolving consumers as well as entrepreneurs are just beginning to make use of the varieties that it offers. Print has already run its course. Internet is the future and investing online will pay rich dividends.

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