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14 Reasons why your small business needs a blog

In this age of content marketing and smart devices, it goes without saying that your small business needs a blog. Even you are directly not selling online, an interesting blog page will have a positive effect on your customers and website visitors, who will definitely want to know more about you. It thus attracts traffic and builds authority. Here are the various reasons why you need to blog regularly.


Direct Communication Channel: This is a direct means of communication between you and customers. It enables you to get in touch on a more personal level. Small business blogs help you to exchange views and discuss the trends in your particular field. It enables the customers to look up to you as a source of valuable industry-specific information.

SEO Friendly: Business blogs always attract a good SEO ranking. A well-written blog provides valuable content. As we are aware, search engine bots are always looking for fresh content to crawl. A website with fresh and unadulterated content is a favourite with Google and other top search engines, who will obviously elevate its page rank.

User-friendly: Having a blog doesn’t require you to have programming or designing skills. You may choose user-friendly platforms like WordPress and get the images from free sites like Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, Flickr Commons,,, Free Stock Photos and Good Free Photos.

More Customers: According to a survey, it has been found that more than 50% of businesses that have a blog get more customers. In this era of online marketing, people do not watch self-aggrandising advertisements and buy their products right away. They will check out if the business they are dealing with, is online, in the first place. They will also trust a website which has a blog displaying the company’s expertise in their respective field, before trusting them enough to do business.

Share your Expertise: A blog gives you a voice which will be heard by thousands, if not millions. People will seek your opinion as they will begin to regard you as an expert in your respective field.

Blog is a two way conversation: Blog c comments by your readers, result in a to and fro exchange of thoughts leading to a healthy conversation. You can thus invite users for giving their insights regarding a trending topic and see the diverse view and angles to that particular topic. You may thus get to know how people’s views differ from point to point regarding the same topic.

Creativity and Entertaining: Blogging need not be a chore. It can be something you look forward to doing regularly. Your love for blogging can make your blog entertaining and much sought after by your subscribers and daily website visitors. And your blog doesn’t have to be serious; a dash of humour when added appropriately can be like an icing on the cake.

Expand your Horizons: When you have a blog to write, you need to seek out new information regarding current affairs, and trends in your chosen field. As you go about your daily life you may get inspiration from movies, talking to friends, or taking a stroll around the block; you need to jot them in your notepad.

 Blog and Content Marketing: Having a blog helps you in making a content marketing strategy. Accordingly you may plan your blog posts, as part of a strategy. You may thus have a blog, to get you business leads as well by capturing interested subscribers by means of a form, offering them value, giving freebies and finally putting up an irresistible offer!

Free Publicity: Business blogs, along with social media are the best way to advertise your products or services. Many people can get to know about you. In fact many bloggers are interviewed by the press, which gets free publicity.

Confidence and Rapport: A blog builds confidence and rapport between you and your subscribers. Your subscribers will begin to trust you and your opinions.

Stay on top: A blog helps you to stay on top. Search engines will obviously keep you on top of their results and you will definitely get more web visitors than your competitors who don’t blog like you do.


In this video, “The Introduction to blogging” Eli the Computer Guy, talks about why we need to blog and what are the advantages. 

On his YouTube Channel, Eli the Computer Guy provides in depth information about IT as a profession. All his videos, are created with an eye towards ROI, and TCO.

Let the world know about you: Your small business blogs can also let the world know about your company, and the kind of business you are into. You may also let them know about the key persons who run the company and the staff who are the life-blood of the company. You may let them know what happens behind the scenes, through your blog pictures.

Analytics: Last but not the least, you will get to know more about your visitors through the blog analytics. This will help you know what kind of postings draw the majority of the audience,  and you may use this knowledge to your best advantage.

It is thus very important for any business to have a blog, which is up and running. Make sure you are consistent in your postings so that your followers know when to expect your next blog and eagerly await the same.