Web Design Techniques

Growing Your Business with the Modern Web Design Techniques

Growing your budding business into a successful one is becoming tougher day-by-day. The competition is heavy. You bring a product into the market and your competitor will bring a better offer denting your business prospects. Management is forced into several brainstorming sessions for rethinking marketing strategies, growth plans, and especially product creation. Ameliorating your business into a successful path and making a strong digital presence is indeed challenging these days.

A survey conducted by Harvard Business most people like to purchase products or avail services from top companies or select websites based on their “trustworthiness”. When customers feel safe, ease and comfortable then they would stick to the particular channel from where they purchase regularly.

You have a significantly good chance to encourage purchases when your website design is excellent. Your website template increases the trustworthiness of your customers. Presenting your site as a one point online destination to make purchases in a simple way will strike a chord with buyers. Investing in the right website design techniques will be efficient to attract a bee line of dedicated customers across the world. Your website should be mainly suitable for:

  • Making users feel comfortable
  • Representing the brand
  • Drawing more attention for calls to action
  • Give users adequate information to make informed choices

Artificial Intelligence

We are living in the era of fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 is making rapid strides in every sphere of activities. Everything is turning smart. By using artificial intelligence websites can become more efficient. Machine learning, Chat bots, Personalisation, and many more are gaining popularity. Application of artificial intelligence will increase the performance of website to the maximum and make it suitable for giving attraction on web pages. Artificial intelligence also helps in drawing customers. Users would get the complete services that could be visualized for acquiring appropriate information.

Video Landing Page

Videos are more likely to be watched. It is more popular than loads of text which people have to strain to read and understand. Some people watch videos quite extensively. So for them you need to take website design to the next level. Creating a quality video landing page will draw visitors to your site. You can create an immersive video which would auto play on the homepage so when users access the website then they could conveniently play and watch the videos. Choose the services of a professional website designer for good quality videos which can be streamed on the site.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is one fine option for single page website designs that could easily render complete information. Digital experiences have improved a lot with modern technology. With technologies such as these it would be possible to attract more customers to buy your products.


We’re an affordable web design agency with a passion for bringing amazing digital projects to life. Tight budget? We get it. We’ve been helping customers maximize value from their web design projects for more than 10 years – that’s a lot of internet years!


Providing cheap web design MelbourneCanberra and Sydney wide for over a decade, we are experts at keeping the costs down while delivering high-quality websites. As a full service digital agency we specialise in website design and development, online marketing services, mobile responsive design, e-commerce services and SEO services. We are trusted by more than 7000 small businesses Australia and New Zealand wide.

9 Trends that a Website Developer needs to Incorporate in a Website Design

Apart from content it is the design and functionality of the website that a designer has to keenly look into. The job of the designer is to lend the aesthetic appeal to the viewer of the site and also take care of the programming aspects. The website should not hang or be slow in loading. It is an open trade secret that a poor user experience will drive away visitors from your site, your hits will go down and business will get affected adversely. Throwing light on the crucial role that a website plays on the audience, Victor Trump, a leading web developer working for major clients in Australia says, “In today’s cutthroat competition where businesses put up their best stuff online to grab instant attention of the viewers it becomes all the more imperative for website developers like us to think out of the box, arrange and re-arrange the content and visuals, adopt new trends, all this without disturbing the user experience.” If the user gets disturbed then your business ultimately flops, he signs off telling the reality.

Patricia, a designer working with an Australian multinational firm quips, “Web designing is boundary less. Sky is the limit for design and the trends will keep on evolving as years pass by and more R&D happens in institutions and workplaces. The process can often be complex and you must be prepared for mixed results as well.” Although there are no short-cuts or set templates for success, a website developer can integrate the following 9 trends to make the site and the business appealing among the masses:

Videos: More often than not people are visual learners. Images, sound, animation and live streaming catch their attention. Eyes move faster in seeing visuals than reading text. Videos can tell stories at an attractive pace than a written piece which the reader has to take efforts to read and understand. When you have only 10 seconds to capture the attention of your site visitor and makes sure that he does not surf away to some other channel, you need videos. The videos could be of short duration, medium duration or long duration but it is a must have for your business.

Advanced Design Elements for SEO Landing Pages: SEO has evolved over the years and having walls of text alone is no longer a trend. Text alone cannot get you the ranking you wish on search engines. Google lays much emphasis on user experience and it is more important than ever before to improve user experience with some simple but good design elements. Often users may read about 20 per cent of the text on a page. So you need to think in terms of using graphs, animations, and catch lines, other visual elements to draw your visitors and initiate them into the business that you want to get out from them. This is your action plan for the site.

How an Affordable Website Design Influences the Conversion Ratio

How to Engage Your Customers through Your Website

Google Fonts for Faster Websites: Speed matters a lot for the success of a website. To keep your site in the forefront and attract more number of visitors to your site it is essential that your page loads at a significantly quicker rate than that of your peers. Google fonts enable you achieve this without disturbing your brand in any adverse way. With Google fonts you will gain access to unique typography covering 135 languages.

Design for Mobile Users: Hand-held devices have revolutionized the way content is read and shared. It is with the cell phone that people nowadays access content, whether in meetings, driving, or on the move, or even when relaxing on bed. Mobile traffic is at an all-time peak. This has forced companies to change gears and employ strategies for web surfing through mobile phones.

Prominent Buy Button: To give people a better shopping experience you need to display the buy button prominently on your website. This is a crucial factor in clinching deals and improving sales.

Using Accelerated Mobile Pages: To increase traffic to your website you must employ Accelerate Mobile Pages. This will enhance the traffic to your site and give a good mobile-first experience.

Clean Bold Design: More companies are entering the foray to have big and bold design elements including videos with geometric typography and heroic images. B2B companies are employing this tactic.

Small Business Website Design Company Australia

Active Chat Sidebars: Chat bots and live chats are very common and functional in many B2B and B2C websites. You will find it on the right-bottom portion of the website. More websites are reserving the sidebar space to display the user’s most recent history with the website.

Interactive User Experience: Customers today have high expectations from a leading brand or company. They spend their hard earned money after all for your product. To expand your market base and strike a chord with customers through the sales funnel is a daunting task. To meet this expectation, your website needs to be interactive. There should be interaction and engagement between your brand and the potential buyer. Some customers may not have patience but you need to hold them back and tell them what you can offer.

The above are some of the emerging trends which web developers need to look into to create a website that will attract the attention of potential customers.

How to Redesign Your Website without Losing Your SEO Ranking

How to Redesign Your Website without Losing Your SEO Ranking

Ever looked at the dresses in your wardrobe? Of course you will pick and choose the new looking ones for your official meeting, going out for a date, or attending a dinner party. The same holds true for your website. Visitors come there looking for something new and the onus is on you to give them the “new things” which they are looking for.

Often questions prop up in the minds of business like can they redesign their website without losing on the search engine optimization (SEO). If your website pages already rank high on search engines such as Google or Bing then businesses will be all the more reluctant to make any changes to their website. Why disturb something which is already working well they ask.

This exactly is the trap which business owners fall into knowingly as well as unknowingly. But you shouldn’t keep a stale website just because it ranks well due to the SEO factor. It may be true today but won’t work tomorrow. Good thing always is to have a fresh, customer-friendly and great SEO website content.

Certified SEOs work tirelessly behind the scenes to give optimum results for their client’s websites. So can you re-design a website without losing SEO ranking? Yes with some proper work and planning. So what are the primary steps for it? We examine this in detail as follows:

Step 1

To begin with hire an SEO expert in your team. This is essential since you as a business owner is responsible for running the company, not for running the programmes. You would need SEO experts, website designers, software programmers as well as management professional, all on the same table. At our company we work together as a team to deliver good results for our clients. There is a great coordination between design and SEO team for this. One good way to achieve solid result is to make SEO a part and parcel of design from the very beginning and not which is made to come at the very end. So before you begin work on rebuilding your website make sure that your team is all set and ready to go.

Step 2

Moving forward you need to evaluate where your website stands in terms of SEO and that too in each and every page. Tools such as Google Analytics, Wordtracker, RavenTools, Majestic SEO, Link Research Tools, among others will give you a fair idea on this. This analysis is needed to ascertain which SEO strategies are working well for your website and which are not. This way we can get a fair idea on what to do while redesigning the new website. This will enable in increasing the ranking on search engines.

Step 3

Once you begin working on the new website make sure that all the work is stored in a location which is not accessed by Google or any other search engines to crawl and index. If Google finds out duplications in text elements (even those which are necessary when migrating from old website to the new one) it will start penalizing. Hence both the old and the new website cannot exist on the public web simultaneously. Both the new as well as the old websites need to be backed up religiously to prevent any collapse.

Step 4

While redesigning the website you need to incorporate the insights gathered from initial SEO analysis in Step 2 into the new website. Retain keywords which are popular and avoid words which aren’t working. Replace those words with new ones to make the content look fresh. The team needs to execute the tasks to post online the best content which is useful for customers who may browse from different channels of their choice such as smartphones, desktop computers or laptops.

Step 5

So take full advantage of all website redesign features and ramp up your site and your business. Make sure that it is mobile friendly website which can guarantee success. When the website is tested and re-tested you also make sure that all the pages that you are redirecting to the new site from the old one are rightly linked to the new one and your customers can navigate it without hassles.

Our team is adept in redesigning websites with an eye for detail in matters pertaining to SEO ranking. Contact us for your redesign quote. We can assist you.


9 Essential Elements of any Affordable Website Design

Business presence online is a must in today’s era of smartphones and internet. Communication through digital media goes a long way in ensuring the success or failure of your product. Just because you don’t have a big budget as corporate houses do shouldn’t hold you back. But at first you need to understand the basics of what all makes a great website. In this article we break down the essential aspects of a website that can come across as affordable.

A Clear and Concise Pitch

Research shows that visitors often enter and leave sites within fraction of ten seconds. So how do you grab their attention, make them read to convey about what you do, why you do, and importantly why should they choose your product and continue doing business with you when they could move on to something else. To prevent them for moving elsewhere you need to present your information in succinct way. Information should be brief and up to the point in simple language and be prominently displayed on your homepage.

Well Defined Call to Actions

What you generally expect visitors to do when they click on your website? Keeping that in view you need to create a clear call to actions which will prop your visitors to go ahead further which can possibly convert to the sales that you are looking for. A good way of doing this is by placing your phone number prominently displayed on the right corner of each page, complete contact details in the footer or on the sidebar and incorporating buttons next to sales messages to prod them in the right direction.

A Creative ‘About Us Page’

This page needs to be attractive enough to hook your visitors. Your company profile should be as crisp and clear as possible. Focus on what is special about your company. You may perhaps tell about how you excel in customer services, may be put some testimonials from your customers, and the list of staff members with their email id and phone numbers (optional) so that visitors can directly approach them in case of any doubts relating to some specific products which they want to buy.

Consistent and Quality Content

An attractive and easy to read content is a core part of marketing. Customers before buying any product will also read the product description and reviews. So you need to upload the best quality description which is free of grammatical and spelling errors. You also need to place on top positive responses to your product from customers who are using your products. This will enhance your brand value. Hire a good writer with content developing experience who can convey your message suitably to the customers and keep them engaged.

An Attractive Web Design

While content is one element, design is the second element that needs to be considered and presented carefully. An attractive design will engage your visitors more than an unattractive one. Those who do browsing will find it pleasant if the designs such as logo, pictures, attractive font sizes, colour combinations and other animations including the arrangement of the layout are done in a professional way. Visitors will definitely spend more time on your website. Graphics and menus leave a lasting impression on your visitor’s mind and this also builds up your brand.

Having an Intuitive Visitor Experience

It is very important to gauge the mindset of your visitors when they visit your site. You should put yourself in their shoes and start asking questions that they might ask. You need to keep ready the perfect answers for the same. The answers should be straightforward and stick to the point.

A Responsive Design

Mobile users comprise a larger segment of website visitors as they could browse it even while travelling or on the move. So your website design shouldn’t look awkward on their handsets. To ensure this make the website a responsive one. The web version should display optimally on mobile devices.

A Secure and Stable Platform

The platform that you choose to build your site will have a big impact on how you and your customers interact. It is important to build a platform that can work well for both you and your clients. The website shouldn’t hang or work slow. Your sales and marketing team should find it easy to quickly add products, content, pictures, videos and any other descriptions as well as implement changes to the new features with minimal hassle. Visitors should enjoy seamless connectivity on your website without encountering pages that don’t load, script errors, etc. Use a content management system which is well established and reputed and has a good support network and is well maintained and updated by the creators.

Hire a Professional Cheap Web Site Design Firm

A cheap website design company which has got a vast range of experience of working with various businesses can bring a lot for you on the table. They will have the knowledge and experience of SEO, how to market the content, how to convert visitors to buyers, and how well to target new markets.

Look for a company which has got a large portfolio of having done relevant work in your field. A team that is easily and readily accessible and who knows things that you may perhaps oversee would be great to work with. Of course you need to ensure that the services which they offer fall within your budget. Making the right choice can lay the foundation for the success of your business.


Setting up a affordable website that could be successful is no doubt a daunting task as you need to keep a balance between your budget and your need to have a highly functional website. However, if you are able to cope up with these challenges it can ensure you that your site gets a good number of returning visitors, great search engine ranking, and greater overall credibility as against that of your peers. Credibility is something which is tough to get. A professional site design which is simultaneously affordable can pay you very rich dividends in the long run.


We’re an affordable web design agency with a passion for bringing amazing digital projects to life. Tight budget? We get it. We’ve been helping customers maximize value from their web design projects for more than 10 years – that’s a lot of internet years!

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Providing cheap web design Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney wide for over a decade, we are experts at keeping the costs down while delivering high-quality websites. As a full service digital agency we specialise in website design and development, online marketing services, mobile responsive design, e-commerce services and SEO services. We are trusted by more than 7000 small businesses Australia and New Zealand wide.

Small Business Website Design Australia

Small Business Website Design Company Australia

Top 10 components of a successful small business website

In today’s age of World Wide Web and smart phones websites, online marketing and e-commerce is an integral part and parcel of any business strategy. Large business establishments have it easy as they have the capital to do so but small businesses that are less on capital and market funds also need to have web designers for putting up their business online. This will enable them reach a greater clientele and create bigger circles.

Website promotion has really kicked off well in Australia in recent years with businesses communities realizing the potential of internet and the returns that they will be able to generate through advertisements and social media.

So what are those essential elements that work wonders for small business websites?

  1. Small Business Elevator Pitch

Research reveals that visitors spend hardly seven seconds in around 90% of the sites they visit. They mostly click through and leave without spending too much time on reading the content. So you have a tight timeline of seven seconds to convey your reader who you are, what you do, why do you do it, who you do it for, and why you are the best bet. Hence you need to nail your pitch and stay in front and center on your homepage.

You need to strike an instant chord with your visitor and convey your core marketing message within those seven seconds. To make this happen you need to have your logo design, tagline, and initial two sentences of your website as clear and crisp as possible. This will go a long way in increasing the credibility of your brand and in creating a positive impact among customers who you are targeting to market your product. There is a lot to be communicated in the very little time that you have and so your pitch must be concise and compelling.

2. Strong Call for Actions

Often small business owners pose one important question: why doesn’t my website convert? The answer is simple. There is a lack of call to actions. Good example of call to actions include having phone numbers, “Buy Now” buttons, or any other subtle actions that would encourage your visitors to move ahead with the next line of actions.Call to actions is a means of engaging your visitors and convert them to buyers of your products. Your website visitors look for specific information regarding the products before they decide to buy. Smart call to actions pre-empt the visitors next step and gently lead them through your website in the way you want them to feel your product and simultaneously giving them the information which they are looking for.

One such way is to keep your basic information in order. Place your contact number in the top right of every page. Also place your number in the footer of every page with hyperlinks to your most valuable content. This is more needed for mobile websites where visitors are looking out for contacts so that they could call quickly and decide.

3. Track your Conversations

This is one area that you tend to overlook. It is very important to track your conversations. Businesses which are small will find it easier to do so. It is extremely important to know the number of business enquiries and the number of business orders that your website is able to generate. It is also important to know which strata of the society do they come from and what is the cost to acquire them. Having this information in hand will enable you to accurately measure your marketing spend, evaluate the success of any improvements or modifications in your website design or online marketing, and additionally measure the underlying success of your website.

4. Engaging Small Business ‘About Us’ Page

One primary mistake which small businesses make is putting up an unattractive About Us page which hardly ever mentions about customers. It may seem strange to focus more about your customer than about your company in the homepage but that has got its own valid reasons. You need to create a balance between the personalities behind developing your business as your customers would want to know whom they are working with. They would also like to know what benefit they would derive by working with you.

5. Deliver High Quality Content

Content is the most essential aspect in your marketing. You need to tell your story in simple and appealing term so that you can reach out to your target market and apprise them of the problems which you would solve for them and how you would do so. Everything should be useful, informative and engaging for your customer whether it is the website or the newsletter which you would be mass mailing.

Content is the vital tool reading which visitors will be pulled towards your website and its business. Your content should reflect your design and brand and provide a seamless and compelling experience. High quality content demonstrates the authority over the subject and if you share your content in an intelligent and appealing way then you have already won the battle.

6. Gorgeous Virtual Design

Design is the other big element in marketing. Visuals that are aesthetically appealing will make visitors hang around your website for longer duration. Once impressed they would return back and may be even share your sites with their friend circles or on the social media platforms. Neatly designed websites establish the quality and style of the brand and enhances the reputation of your product in the market. On the other hand if your website falls short in design and aesthetic appeal then visitors will more likely presume your website quality to be below standard and this may hurt your business.

7. Logical User Experience

You need to build your website keeping in view the objectives of your customers and not for yourself. This will draw their interest and improve their interactions with you. You can lead the conversations with your customers asking them questions such as what did they find attractive on your website, how it has been different from others, are they satisfied with the experience, feel and look of the site, did they find what they were looking for, what questions are they hoping to get answers for from your website, and so on. Content should be easily accessible whether it is contact information, product specifications, prices, or any other information. Ideally they should get all this in one place then it would be great.

8. Mobile Friendly Design

This is the age of smartphones and tablet. Research shows that increasing number of users finds it comfortable to browse sites right in their hands and while on the move. Mobile phone users and tablet users are converting at higher rates than those using desktops.

Creating a responsive design will ensure that whatever be the device that is used your website will deliver content in the most effective manner. For websites which are complex in nature building a custom mobile friendly design will be needed. However, ensure that mobile designs are different from the web designs and customers shouldn’t be forced to have a bad experience. Desktop websites will look awkward on mobile phones. It will be difficult to navigate the menus, click links and access other relevant information that the users are looking for.

9. Robust CMS and Stable Structure

Your website platform is the base. It is the one which will create an impact on your visitors and decide how efficiently you update your content and continue attracting your readers. It is also important for the performance of your website. A robust content management system is essential for an e-commerce website. Otherwise posting content will be useless and it will be also difficult for optimizing search engines and fixing errors.

  • The content should be simple and easy to read and understand
  • Load time should be really quick
  • It should be SEO ready
  • Large community of users and developers
  • Software should be actively supported by developers and must be frequently updated

10. Hiring a Small Business Web Design Company

You can partner with an extremely efficient cheap web design company to execute all the tasks that we have discussed in this blog. They will also bring new things on your table in terms of design, content and marketing. The web designer must be briefed on what you want and you can also take inputs from the designer on any other new aspect that could be added. Look for a service provider which has a comprehensive history and portfolio of working with businesses which are similar to your own. This will ensure that your business could become as successful as theirs in due time.


We’re an award-winning affordable web design agency with a for helping small businesses achieve big things online. We’ve been hard at work for over a decade and have built more than 6000 websites for our small business clients.

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We provide our services in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney web design and online marketing services for businesses across Australia. Our core services include quality open source websites and shopping cart websites. Providing website design Melbourne, Sydney and  Canberra wide for more than a decade, we are Australian businesses’ go-to full service digital agency.

How a Website Design Influences the Conversion Ratio

How a Affordable Website Design Influences the Conversion Ratio

What is the role of an affordable web design? Confused? No matter how you slice it, conversions boil down to the quality content that you put up online. Yes it is true that the visual appeal of your landing page play a vital role in exactly how many visitors you actually convert. The way the visual elements are arranged influence the conversion rates. Also the ads that you use to drive traffic to your website begin the process. Thus your website needs to be more than what a flashy digital brochure would offer. The design of your website enables you to achieve your business goals.

If you are in B2B business, the design of the website should aim in generating and increasing leads for your business. A good and affordable web design helps you increase content management, lead the conversations with your potential customers and convince them about your business thereby improving your sales.

So good website designs help increase money and keeping this in view we are here discussing this subject.

Aesthetics the first impression and perception

Aesthetics play an important role in websites. It gives the first impression to your visitors. A website has around 50 milliseconds to cut the ice with the visitors before they switch on to something else. Excellent photography is one of the best methods to keep your first-time visitor engaged on your site. A clean layout and compelling visuals will do wonders.

Good aesthetics lend a lasting impression on your visitors. The positive sentiments which the visitors feel and get on watching your site will eventually turn them into your customer and who knows it could be even a long-term one. Classic aesthetics reveal that your business is built on some solid foundation and it is there to stay for long. Modern aesthetics show that your business is well organized. Finally the designer needs to work for making the website’s aesthetics reflect the best qualities of your business.

Website navigation

Visitors will find it easy if your website has clean and logical navigation techniques. How easily and quickly a visitor finds relevant information on your website will go a long way in deciding your business returns. Adding robust search functions and great navigation will ensure you the ease of doing business.

Conversion opportunities

It is not just about hosting an affordable website but it is also about having the conversion pathways as they generate healthy leads. The visitor whether a fresh one or a regular visitor must be clear as to where to search. Conversion pathway is determined by a number of factors.

It starts with the first impression that a visitor draws from visiting your site. It is then that he gets a perception of your business and what you offer him as he explores a little more. The visitor needs to be aided further through your search facility for which you need easy navigation.

Once the visitor lands on the service page he should be able to browse through the entire page very quickly without any hassles. Now everything depends on the design of the call to action. If the visitor was not clear about the call to action it could break the entire chain of lead generation and your purpose will fail.  Hence, assure that the clickable buttons and visual cues used are attractive and that the visitor understands them properly so that the conversion cycle could be completed.

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5 Reasons Why a Mobile Friendly Website is Crucial

A lot has changed with the advent of smart phones in the market. People no longer need to wait to reach their homes to switch on their systems and browse for information. Those days have gone into oblivion. Everything is in your hands. You get access to information 24x7. In this era of heated competition one needs to look beyond the PCs. You cannot ignore the mobile while planning and designing your website. If your website is not cell phone friendly then you need to do so sooner than later. “Today it is a question of survival for you to earn your bread and butter,” says Albert Dale, a Sydney based graphic designer who has a large clientele base in Australia as well as New Zealand.

Still confused? We share with you some vital information on why your website needs to be mobile friendly:

Tap on for more visitors

There is an old adage which says “out of sight and out of mind”. The same goes with websites. They need to be constantly upgraded and in front of the users so that they don’t forget it. And if you have no presence on the fancy smartphones and tablets that people carry with them to access information then you are dead. So why not make your presence felt on the smartphones and tablets?

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More Lead Generation

A mobile friendly website attracts visitors just as a flower attracts honey bees. As more visitors stream in to your site the volumes of your sales also go up. But for this you need to make sure that right features are ticking on your website. For example, a virtual cart must be accessible to process the payment and order.

It is a Trend Which Matters

It is no longer all about having a cheap website anymore. These days having a mobile friendly website is on the hot list. It is a market trend. This is what people now want. So why not get it and please your customers? A happy customer will give you steady business.

Destroying reputation is quite easy but establishing one takes years. You need to give your sweat and toil. No doubt you wouldn’t want it to be spoilt by one unhappy customer. In today’s online world you operate in a glass window. Tarnishing the image is relatively easy. Why take chances? Build a mobile friendly website and reap rich dividends.

Faster Business Transactions

Another big advantage of having a mobile friendly and cheap web site is quick transactions. You will also enjoy benefits such as fast inventory turnover and manage the supply chain effectively. It also becomes easy to establish contact with your suppliers. With a few clicks you can effectively set an appointment, place a new order and select the price of the inventory.

Better Brand Experience

Once you give your customer a great mobile experience the same lot are likely to return to your website for more info or transactions once they log on to their PCs and laptops. A fully optimized mobile experience builds a bond with the users. People will start liking your brand and perhaps even pass on their experience with you in their circles. If you fail to give your customers a fabulous mobile experience in the first instance you simply lose a sales opportunity and hand over an advantage to your nearest competitor.

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How to Engage Your Customers through Your Website

Ever wondered what happens when a visitor engages with your website? Perhaps they clicked the Buy Now button which they came across while surfing or simply wrote an email to you. Or even better they saw you on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and began following you. Whenever a customer buys your product and starts using them they enrich your wallet besides publicizing your products among their circles. They liked what you offered and want to see more.

Your website is the starting point of your business and your 24x7 salesperson. The positive impression that your site conveys to the customer will decide your future. Your website sets you apart from your competitors in business.

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Designers with good experience design the website in a way that it creates a unique digital experience that relates to the individual customer base. An important aspect is to chat with your customers, ask questions, listen and learn about their requirements. To encourage a continued engagement you should have a website which strikes the right chord with your customers to keep them keenly engaged to you.

So how do you do this? You need to come up with a site that sells your products and one that is tailored to motivate your visitors to engage more with not only the product that you are trying to sell but also with stuff which you have otherwise with you.

Who are your customers?

This is the most important thing in the value chain. Knowing them closely will solve more than half your headache. Your website should have everything for your customers whether they are the individual ones or small businesses or larger firms. How your effective your website is will determine your success. As a web designer you need to step into the shoes of the businessman and think like them and that would be great.

Where are your customers?

Another important thing is to know the background of your customer and where they come from. Are they from your city, different state, different country? This is also crucial as people staying in different geographical locations have different tastes. Knowing this helps you to engage with them better.

Also how your customers are reaching out to your website is also important to know. Is it through the normal search engine, what did they search, the keywords that they used and is your website appropriately marketed towards customer’s search? If this is not so and it is accidental then they will leave searching for something more lucrative. Did your customers find your website on social media and they got impressed, if so, then it is a great beginning for a long lasting relationship.

What do your customers value?

You need to work out on what your customers are looking at, what they are interested in. Knowing that will be useful as then you can convert them into your regular customer. Often customers want to know whether your business is trustworthy and dependable. They would also be interested in free shipping and quick checkouts. So knowing that your website is not for you but for your customers is important. The website needs to be the best reflection of your business and able to build your brand.

So where to from here? The good news is that our team at WebCanny is focused on helping you to create a successful cheap website for your business. To get in touch, give us a call on 08 7111 2959

Affordable Web Design Cost

How much does a website cost in Australia?

Every business needs a website. It is an essential part and parcel of business in the digital era that we live in. What businesses operating from Australia need to know is the cost involved in website design and website development. It can vary depending upon the elements that make up web designing.

Web development, web hosting, domain names, and email addresses, Needs to be considered in your project. Those of you who are net savvy would have seen great many websites on the net with super cool features, moving graphics, options to sign for newsletters, database searches and links to various other websites.

Often businesses that are not sure of their success in the beginning stick to having a basic website and later on keep adding features that they believe would sell. To begin with they put out the idea in a rough form on the internet.

WordPress Website Design Costs Australia

WordPress Basic: 3 Pages Website

WordPress Starter: 5 Pages Website
Get the basics with a 3 page WordPress website with your choice of theme. NZ $350 + GST Get started with a 5 page WordPress website with your choice of theme. NZ $550 + GST
WordPress Advanced: 5 Pages Plus WordPress Custom Build Website

An advanced WordPress website with your choice of theme up to 20 pages and theme customizations.

NZ $1150 + GST

A custom built WordPress website to match your brand. Get a fixed price quote for your wish list.

From NZ $3500 + GST

What else is included in a website cost?

Client needs to carefully peruse the details of each package as to what they offer and what all are included in the website cost which is published.

It would be great if you could work out in advance what all are included in your website cost and what all aren’t before you start with designing. There are cases where clients believe that something was part of the website designing process but then the designer doesn’t specify it in the beginning and later when you want it desperately you need to bear extra expenses to get it done. So avoid this hassle in the beginning stage itself.

Often in Australia certain software and technologies used for web design come with a license fee implying that you pay a premium for it, or your web developer needs to be remunerated more since they have to pay and buy an expensive license.

Locked-in Contracts

WordPress is open source software. In-house systems come with a license fee. This you don’t pay if site is constructed using WordPress. WordPress also works well with any system and afterwards if you want to make alterations to your website then you can take it to a web developer and get your changes done.

What is not included in a website cost?

The price of web hosting is separate. It is not included in website design cost. Hosting connects the website with the World Wide Web. The price for this in Australia ranges from $10 to $ 40 per month depending on the service provider. We aid our clients in understanding and going for the best available option. We also arrange for domain name registration which costs around $30 to $50 per year.

Stock photos and graphics costs won’t be included in website design as these needs to be purchased from different sources. Charges are applicable depending on where you buy them from.

Plug-ins and third party software also need to be purchased from different service providers / vendors. Although some of these add-ons can be availed for free, most of these you need to buy. If you are looking for a specific plug in or type of functionality then you need to shell out more money.

Responsive Web Design

All about Responsive Website Design

In the era of smart phones and tablets a responsive website design maintaining its unique look and feel irrespective of devices and factors such as screen size, pixel resolution, click versus touch, and many other functions that come along in your hand-held devices, is all the more vital.

So what is a responsive website and why do we need this? This is a question that is often asked not just by you but even by those top CEO’s in today’s business.

A responsive website makes your site look good on all types of devices and the demand for this is already at its peak in the market. A responsive website design method is aimed at coding a website to give the viewer of the website an optimal viewing, reading and navigating experience. It should also come with built-in features for minimal resizing, scrolling and panning across various devices including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The design pattern of the website including the user interface (UI) should be able to adjust itself to these various devices.

Advantages of Responsive Websites over Conventional Ones

Let us now examine what responsive websites bring to the table that conventional sites don’t. There may be some who would say why the fuss about this and having one which adapts itself to the various internet devices that we see these days is no big deal. Well you are for a matter of fact mistaken and will realize this as soon as you step in to the business to market your products.

The best web designers put huge emphasis on having a responsive website for garnering good business orders and generating good enquiries. This is so because the world has to a large extent moved beyond the traditional ways of marketing and usage of devices to market their products and services and business is now done through various channels.

For example today’s smart phones in the market come up with features that are much more tech savvy than what was available in full pledged computer systems and this bridges the gap between devices, ideas and the end customer. So you are more connected with the market as well as your audience which is very important.

The various apps on smart phones such as WhatsApp, ticket booking apps, social media channels, hotspot, and so on make it all simple and easy for the public to do what they used to do through emails, browsing the internet on PCs, etc. a few years ago.

Before responsive websites became popular businesses that ventured into the field of mobile marketing had to build an additional website that could be used on mobile platforms in addition to the regular one which is used as the business website.

Getting Responsive Websites and Eliminating Problems

For those looking forward to enter the mobile marketing business, if not today but sometime in future, responsive websites are essential and to get those you need tech savvy designers and developers who can build a good responsive website for your business.

Although responsive websites may burn more holes in your pocket than the traditional ones but with the added reach of mobile marketing and peace of mind that comes the fact that your website is screened perfectly regardless of the devices that it is viewed on is an additional factor to be weighed in the scheme of things.

As the adage says, content management systems and e-commerce works well when you have responsive websites, it is definitely worth a try.