How much does a website cost in Australia?

Affordable Web Design Cost

Every business needs a website. It is an essential part and parcel of business in the digital era that we live in. What businesses operating from Australia need to know is the cost involved in website design and website development. It can vary depending upon the elements that make up web designing.

Web development, web hosting, domain names, and email addresses, Needs to be considered in your project. Those of you who are net savvy would have seen great many websites on the net with super cool features, moving graphics, options to sign for newsletters, database searches and links to various other websites.

Often businesses that are not sure of their success in the beginning stick to having a basic website and later on keep adding features that they believe would sell. To begin with they put out the idea in a rough form on the internet.

WordPress Website Design Costs Australia

WordPress Basic: 3 Pages Website

WordPress Starter: 5 Pages Website
Get the basics with a 3 page WordPress website with your choice of theme.NZ $350 + GSTGet started with a 5 page WordPress website with your choice of theme.NZ $550 + GST
WordPress Advanced: 5 Pages PlusWordPress Custom Build Website

An advanced WordPress website with your choice of theme up to 20 pages and theme customizations.

NZ $1150 + GST

A custom built WordPress website to match your brand. Get a fixed price quote for your wish list.

From NZ $3500 + GST

What else is included in a website cost?

Client needs to carefully peruse the details of each package as to what they offer and what all are included in the website cost which is published.

It would be great if you could work out in advance what all are included in your website cost and what all aren’t before you start with designing. There are cases where clients believe that something was part of the website designing process but then the designer doesn’t specify it in the beginning and later when you want it desperately you need to bear extra expenses to get it done. So avoid this hassle in the beginning stage itself.

Often in Australia certain software and technologies used for web design come with a license fee implying that you pay a premium for it, or your web developer needs to be remunerated more since they have to pay and buy an expensive license.

Locked-in Contracts

WordPress is open source software. In-house systems come with a license fee. This you don’t pay if site is constructed using WordPress. WordPress also works well with any system and afterwards if you want to make alterations to your website then you can take it to a web developer and get your changes done.

What is not included in a website cost?

The price of web hosting is separate. It is not included in website design cost. Hosting connects the website with the World Wide Web. The price for this in Australia ranges from $10 to $ 40 per month depending on the service provider. We aid our clients in understanding and going for the best available option. We also arrange for domain name registration which costs around $30 to $50 per year.

Stock photos and graphics costs won’t be included in website design as these needs to be purchased from different sources. Charges are applicable depending on where you buy them from.

Plug-ins and third party software also need to be purchased from different service providers / vendors. Although some of these add-ons can be availed for free, most of these you need to buy. If you are looking for a specific plug in or type of functionality then you need to shell out more money.

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