The Future of Digital Marketing: Machine Learning Algorithms

Future of Digital Marketing: Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning is becoming an important aspect of digital marketing. However, it is yet to become popular among SEO experts. This is so because machine language is still a name and experts resort to using on-page and off-page SEO techniques. Machine language is yet to penetrate SEO landscape. It is important that SEO experts warm up to machine learning so that they do not fall back on this and entities lose business in the process. If SEOs keep ignoring this aspect then they will for sure find themselves in an alarming situation. Usage of machine learning algorithms on site’s visibility will only increase with time.

So what is Machine Learning?

Machine learning as defined in Wikipedia is a program which imparts in computer the ability to learn without using programming language or coding. It is a sub-field of artificial intelligence which is gaining popularity in digital world. Application of artificial intelligence teaches machine to perform an activity which needs human intelligence.

One needs to play closer attention to these:

User Search Friendly Content

Content is the most important cog in a website. The way it is presented is crucial. It is the driving force of search engine optimization just like other factors for user experience such as links, on-page factors and technical things.

The most important thing that Google does while searching is to pull out websites to the front page. This is possible only when the site has fresh content, in-depth knowledge in the subject, articles that are well researched and give a different perspective. So akin to digital marketers and content marketers SEOs have to be at the same platform as they share a similar goal to provide best UX and get ranked on the search engine at the top.

Key responsibilities of SEOs include checking whether content satisfies user intent, positive user experience, content is useful enough for users to lead a conversation, and content is of sublime quality and relevant to the website.

Links Creation and On-Page Optimisation

The advent of machine learning algorithms has revolutionized the way page optimizations were done. Conventional methods are replacing traditional ones including Meta descriptions, title tags, URLs, and text.

Creativity will stay as the bulwark for SEOs to excel in attracting visitors to website. Strategies which cannot be addressed now can be addressed with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms along with SEO professionals who consistently modify their methods and strategies. If anyone is found guilty of violating the norms then they would be punished. Black hat optimisation and grey hat optimisation are things of the past.

Organic links will also not hold much importance. Once Google updates with machine learning techniques it can verify the website without relying on link building techniques or methods. Using Deep mind Google can ascertain whether a link provided has been correctly placed within the content or not and analyze the users’ behavior on that particular link. In case Google finds no relevance or zero value for the link then it will not link the value to give a high SERP to the Webpage.

Google is smart and instead of focusing on organic backlinks it will focus more on looking at backlinks cloud. If Google finds the back link cloud to be in organic or manipulated, then it will lower the website’s SERP.

Technical Side of SEO

SEOs need not worry much about expertise and technical knowledge.Robots.txt files, Sitemaps, and scripts will be decided and analyzed by suitable programmes. As world becomes more techs savvy human interventions in websites will be minimal. However, this doesn’t mean SEO will be completely out of picture.

Google focuses on usage of AMP, structured data, optimization for Alexa, voice search as the website needs to be analyzed by artificial intelligence and will then be able to rank it as well.

The health of a website can be best gauged from its CTR and user engagement whether they live up to the expectations of the users. Google’s machine learning algorithms will ensure that they are able to experience a website’s page as a human interaction. UX text is easily read with artificial intelligence and can be ranked accordingly.

SEOs will need to work with designers, developers, digital marketers and business analysts to develop strategies by critically examining their sites and ironing out weak links including UI / UX spots and ensure that the website is fast enough while loading. It is always a collective team effort.


Google has already shifted to artificial intelligence and machine learning making SERP not an easy option for everyone associated with the task whether it is SEO, website designer, web developer or analysts. You need to learn and earn.



How to Set Up Your Google Business Page in 9 Simple Ways

Google is perhaps the biggest search engine ever for garnering information in the history of Internet world. Worldwide an estimated 1.3 billion users log in to Google every day and this throws up a great opportunity for start-ups and small business to strike a chord with the public.

Google serves as an apt platform to draw massive crowds from across the seas to what you have to offer on your business page.

It is an open secret that Google created the ‘Google My Business Page’ to enable small business owners reach out to customers located in any parts of the world. Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus are the tools which enable this. Google My Business app was created by Google for Android users. IOS version is coming out soon.

It is high time that you come on board to tap the business potential if you haven’t done already. Use Google to the optimum.

Primary benefits of a Google Business Page:

Google Business Page works wonders for your business but you need to strike the goal correctly which will drive more visitors and customers to your site.

  • Constantly update information about your business. Feature the latest products, innovations, deal of the day, discounts, etc.
  • Build a Fan base through your Google Plus page. The clients who follow your business page will write positive reviews about your products reading which new visitors will be drawn to try it out. Your company will strike Gold in the process.
  • Increase the engagement with your visitors by replying to their queries promptly, taking their suggestions, and leading the conversations online or even off-line.
  • View information on your related YouTube channels and Google Analytics accounts.
  • Google My Business page works well with Local SEO the search optimization process of your website so that your page ranks higher in the search engine and pull in more visitors.

How to set up Google Business Page?

First open your Google Account if you haven’t done so far. Try these:

  • Log on to
  • Click on the search result Sign in Google Account
  • If you don’t use a Gmail account then create one for your business
  • Fill in all the relevant information as required by Google and then you are set to go.

Setting up My Google Business Page

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click ‘Get on Google button’ and sign in your Google account entering your email address and password.

Step 3: Once you sign in you will see a map. In the search box you can search for your business. If it does not show up automatically in the first instance then select, “Not a local business” link on the top right.

Step 4: Choose your business type. This is an important step as you want to set it right. It makes a big difference because the Brand means you do not have a local street address and yet you can make it function as a regular Google Plus page. You can choose Service Area option if you are serving clients at their place within a specific service location.The Storefront option is very good for businesses such as restaurants, saloons, gyms, fitness centres, massage service centres, and so on. For those having a fixed location we will choose Storefront to set up their Google My Business Page.

Step 5: After you have chosen the business type, you need to look and find your business again.

Step 6: Look in the search box and still if you don’t find it listed then click on ‘Add your business’ and you will find a new window popping up where you need to fill in an online form with your location details and submit.

Step 7: Accept Google’s terms and conditions and let Google know that you are authorized to manage the business page. Click continue button.

Step 8: Google will send you a text code in to your mobile through SMS and you need to enter the code to complete the verification process.

Step 9: Entering the code completes the formality and your page is set. It is fully ready and operational.

Many small businesses are already using Google My Business Page to good effect to tap the market potential. Set up your Business Page on Google and stay ahead a step against your competitors. This investment will definitely give you rich dividends.

If you would like us to assist you in setting up your Google My Business page to maximise your success online, please get in touch today, and one of our friendly web geeks will be more than happy to help. WebCanny Australia's #1 Small Business Affordable Web Design Company

Apps and Tools for Social Media Marketers

Best Apps and Tools for Social Media Marketers

1. Hootsuite Mobile

Best for: Managing social profile pages

Hootsuite Mobile gives you the flexibility to manage your social projects and collaborate with your team while on the go.

Whether you need to make a last-minute edit to a social post or monitor customer conversations away from your desk, Hootsuite Mobile can help. Schedule content, publish posts to all major social networks, connect with customers, and approve posts from your team–all from a single app.

Increase your productivity with the Hootsuite mobile app. The easy-to-use social media app allows you to schedule, publish, and monitor conversations from anywhere.

2. Evernote

Best for:  Text Note sharing and tagging projects

Evernote is a simple and intuitive note-taking app. If you’re drafting copy for social posts, writing notes for an upcoming campaign, or adding a team work back schedule—you’ll want to use Evernote.

Evernote has some other handy features that allow you to share documents, tag projects by date or campaign type, and add links to other documents like decks or calendars. It’s great for personal use and team sharing, which makes it an ideal app for marketers.

3. Buffer

Best for: Social Media Manager and Scheduler

Buffer is a web-based social media management app that automatically schedules posts to be shared on popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

Buffer will automatically schedule social media posts to appear during times the posts have the highest potential to gain the most views (users also always have the ability to schedule their own post times).

Buffer has analyzed and tracked the most popular social media websites to determine highest traffic and usage times and automatically schedules postings to give the user a better chance of being read by the widest intended audience possible.

4. Canva

Best for: Create Amazing Graphic Design for Free

Canva has a photo editing app for iOS that allows you to edit photos, add text, stickers, frames and effects to your social media photos. Canva benefits from a huge collection of free and paid photos so you can find images quickly depending on theme or style.

Canva also offers pre-designed templates so if you’re in a rush, you don’t have to worry about choosing fonts or designs for image overlay. You can share photos directly to social or through a social media management tool.

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5. Clips

Best for: Editing short social videos

Clips is a mobile video editing software application created by Apple, Clips is a handy tool for creating and editing square video. It’s best for capturing short videos on your iPhone and doing basic edits before uploading to social media.

Once you’ve recorded a video, you can easily add text, effects ,and graphics. The Live Titles feature allows you to you add animated captions and titles simply by talking.

All videos in Clips are synced with the iCloud, so you can edit your videos across all your devices.


6. Asana

Best for: Team collaboration, productivity and Track projects

Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work. When you’re working on a social campaign with multiple team members, it’s important to assign roles and responsibilities to make sure projects get done. The Asana app lets you organize and track your team projects from start to finish.

With the Asana app you can create tasks, add documents and due dates, assign roles, and have conversations around the project. Asana works best if your team uses the G suite.

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7. Facebook Pages Manager

Best for: Managing multiple Facebook Pages

If you manage several branded Facebook Pages, the Pages Manager app will help you respond to customers faster. You can also connect your Instagram account to manage Facebook and Instagram comments or messages from one inbox.

If you need to check in on the performance of a post, Page Insights is also available through the app.

8. Google Drive

Best for: File storage and collaboration

The Google Drive app is a safe place for your files and makes them easily accessible from a mobile device. If you need to catch up on some work or review shared documents on the go, Google Drive will sync any changes across your devices.

Similar to the desktop tool, you can create and share docs, slides, and sheets, set viewing and sharing permissions, and update documents.

9. Dropbox

Best for: File Storage and file sharing

The Dropbox app is an easy way for you to share and collaborate on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from the cloud.

Dropbox also allows you to share large files with other people who don’t have Dropbox, which can be really handy for project-sharing with external clients. You can also set up shared folders, set permissions, and collaborate on projects.

10. Slack

Best for: Team Communication

Messaging app Slack is super useful for cross-team collaboration. If you’re working on a social campaign and need to share documents, get feedback, or come to a group decision quickly, you should use Slack.

Slack has lots of useful features that allow you to set up working groups, tag campaigns, and search for old projects or campaigns in your conversation archives and File Sharing, Secure Communication, Instant Messaging

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Affordable SEO Services in Sydney and Melbourne

SEO Services Sydney and Melbourne

When using Google's search engine you will notice that the results are shown either organically or as ads. By appearing in the top results organically, it means that your website has the relevant information required and is one of the more trusted websites.

The majority of people around New Zealand and the world utilise Google's search engine, giving you a much wider target audience. When results are shown, Google sorts them into the most relevant and known sites at the top of the listings, with products and services matching the keywords searched, thus providing potential clientele with the opportunity to select your website. More often than not, they will choose a company that is present on the first couple of Google results organically.

Affordable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Company Australia

More websites are taking advantage of SEO. Because it is proven to provide greater results, not only in the short term but long term as well. When using our Sydney based SEO campaign service we not only make your website visible on the search engine, but also make it easier to be found within the Google search results. It is important to realise that SEO campaigns are long-term solutions, meaning that the more time that passes the greater the results. It is WebCanny aim to continue offering affordable SEO campaigns to the rest of Australia.

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Quality SEO Company Sydney and Melbourne

As your leading name in Affordable SEO services Sydney and Melbourne wide, our team of experts pride themselves on keeping up with all the latest developments and trends in Search Engine Optimisation AUS. We recognise that SEO is an industry that is constantly evolving, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that whenever the field changes, WebCanny is one of the front runners.

 It is this commitment to showcasing the absolute latest practices and updates in SEO AUS wide, consistently setting the benchmark for SEO AUS wide, that has seen WebCanny establish themselves as your premier SEO Company in Melbourne. When it comes to SEO Sydney, you want a company that is at the forefront of the industry; a company who is continuously seeking out ways to improve; a company who will deliver you results. That company is WebCanny. Melbourne's first choice for professional SEO services Australia wide.

Future Proof SEO

Whether you are a small or medium sized business, there is a lot of competition to deal with. However, the internet is an even playing field where everyone stands a chance to get to the top via SEO rankings. Every time, a new SEO algorithm comes along, there is more chance of fair play. In fact, there is nothing to panic at the appearance of a new Google algorithm i.e., if you know how things work. At WebCanny, our experts make sure that your website’s search engine ranking is kept future proof.

Web vs Print Advertising

Difference between Web Advertising and Print Advertising

Web Advertising and Print Advertising Both use images and text and both are yet different. The aim and the target audience may perhaps even overlap. But a question which often crops up in our minds: “Which is more effective, is it the online one or the actual print that leaves an impression on the minds of the audience, your potential customers?”

In today’s age of technology when we are witnessing “Internet of Things” every common man has the habit of fondling with smartphones. Information is accessed on phone more often than not and the convenience of purchasing or selling a product or service through online is immense. Furthermore it is cost-effective as well.

Web Advertising and print advertising are separate design processes. The format is different. In print the content is read and interpreted differently as against a version posted online. Internet offers varieties. You can have the headline and summary text and give a ‘Read More’ links to several other pieces of information such as text, facts, figures, etc. Additionally you can give the social media like buttons, comment section, and get discussions going online.

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Information on paper on the other hand has to be written from the traditional left to right way for the reader to make sense. The flyer should carry the information in a simpler format with some images, text and design. It shouldn’t be as busy as a webpage can be.  Else the reader will get confused.

The effectiveness also plays differently. For example, you saw a poster or hoarding on the road about the latest product which you had been pining to buy for long. You see the venue printed on it and reach the place overcoming all traffic congestion only to find that it has been sold out. What you do now?

Computers, tablets and smartphones have now made it simple. You can simply check online where else you can buy the product and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Furthermore you can even find a better product than what you were looking for or the same product which was selling in the mall at a certain price you may get at a lesser price. No need to bargain anything. Everything is available on your fingertips.

The outreach which you get in print is limited whereas through online you reach across the globe. If you customize your business as per the aspirations of your customers then you can create a unique brand image for your budding business using the web presence. Unlike print media, electronic channels have the option to track your success through certain tools to understand the demographic views which gives you a proper feedback as to what your consumers are responding well to and what they aren’t.

You also provide your customers the much needed comfort instead of making them run around to buy the product. The consumer is exposed to a large number of different products on the online platform and the good thing is that you can sell your other brands as well by giving a link option in your page which impossible to do in print. Moreover you spend only for maintaining the website and to your designer and save yourself from shelling large sums of money to the printer as well.

The visual aesthetics of your online design is your unique selling point in several instances making it a distinct one from print which cannot afford that many visual effects to sell the product. With internet still evolving consumers as well as entrepreneurs are just beginning to make use of the varieties that it offers. Print has already run its course. Internet is the future and investing online will pay rich dividends.

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Why SEO Can’t Stand Out without Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing go hand-in-hand in publishing world. Content marketing is the future of SEO. Both rely on each other for success. This deadly combination can get you listed on Google quite quickly and in real short time. Learn the basics of both and the synergy will allow your piece to perform better than ever before. As we all know content is the driving source for internet users as well as businesses and to build a brand these two parameters playing an important role. Traffic to your site will give you more opportunities to get real leads and this could well establish a solid database many of who would be your loyal customers. Learning the basics For many the terms content marketing and SEO could be still an unexplored area. Let us unwind what it is after all for those of you who are beginners: Content marketing is all about bringing your thoughts to your audience, in short terms, convey the message that you want to communicate through posting or mailing of valuable content which is in sync with your brand and this could be disseminated through various mediums such as social media channels, print media, online media, blogging, talk forums, advertisements, and so on. SEO is building up of pieces of information which could lead more visitors / traffic to your site. Snippets of information are often highlighted or broadcasted to attract more business visitors for your business. Looking for Cheap Web Design Sydney and Melbourne Click Here The Difference Although the objective of both SEO and content marketing is the same, i.e. to increase traffic to your website, there are certain inherent differences that you can find when the functions of both are examined closely. Often, SEO is narrow and somewhat technical and whereas content marketing embraces a broader hemisphere. It is much larger and holistic in its approach. So are they two different entities and should not go hand in hand? No. In practice they should work together, overlap, cohere and blend well to complement each other. Many think that content marketing will eliminate SEO. In reality this is not so. The only way to implement a successful content marketing strategy is to incorporate SEO as part of the process to build the brand and establish it in the market. The results may be limited when both are separated. The Similarities SEO and content marketing are in the same boat:
  • Both aim for more readers, visitors and customers.
  • Both need to follow search engine rules to gain success.
How They Work Together? We need to understand how they come together to promote content as a whole. SEO needs keywords: SEO content is nothing but certain important keywords. The editor or writer carefully analyzes and researches those words and use them in the written piece. You need to track the ranking of them in the SERPs before strategically placing those keywords in your articles and blog entries. However, you need to ensure that you don’t overdo in your enthusiasm and put your piece at risk. Over-optimizing can harm you and put your page at risk. You could be blacklisted by Google and penalized. So you need to maintain a balance and learn how to put SEO and content marketing work in tandem with each other. The harmony needs to be maintained. Linking it There are many ways through which you can get links to your article but the best option is to build links by publishing content which is worth linking to naturally. This is the best way to do since it will ensure your continuous SEO success and you will find a natural increase over the long lifespan for your content once public starts taking a liking to what you put up. SEO is onsite technical optimization, content marketing is great UX Apart from optimizing blog articles, SEO is also known for optimizing the robots.txt, enhancing metadata, utilizing proper tags, and constructing a strategic sitemap. Technical SEO components should serve users and promote the content that you post online. For example, you create a good sitemap so that people can easily navigate the content or you need an optimized robots.txt so search engines can crawl your site better which as a result enable readers to find the content that you put up meticulously. Maintaining Consistency SEO consumes time and effort and therefore it is necessary to keep up the consistency in creating content marketing. You need to keep it going to make your product eye catchy and enter into the minds of your customers which will eventually build the brand. Conclusion SEO in actual terms is content marketing and content marketing is actually SEO. Your e-commerce page will require SEO and content marketing to attract visitors to your site. It is a tough job to create fresh and attractive content, more so when you have higher business priorities to focus on. In case you find it tough to create articles on your own then you could hire a good writer to help do this job for you or get in touch with a reputed SEO service provider to help you with combined SEO / Content marketing efforts and help bring the two into a perfect harmony.

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Facebook advertising

How to Create and Advertise on Facebook Using Facebook Ads

Social media is the biggest platform for everything online. Whether it is news, views, business, or promotions, mediums such as Facebook Advertising give a big outreach to business. It is already putting even the traditional form of media on the back foot. Small as well as large business houses use Facebook for aggressive marketing and advertising.

With millions of users from all over the world Facebook has become a rocket that no business can ignore says Donald Atkinson, CEO of a global company with base in New Zealand. The potential for using Facebook to advertise is immense but the mistake that we do is that we often approach it with an objective of “trying it out”, he adds.

For an established business willing to spend dollars on advertising it may not matter much. However, for small businesses including micro, small and medium enterprises that don’t have a big budget for marketing Facebook is the best medium for delivering budget-friendly advertising campaigns to target audience.

Four indisputable reasons why your business needs to invest in Facebook advertising:

Everyone is on Facebook:

Millions use Facebook for whatever peculiar reasons that may be. One basic idea is to have a public profile and get noted. Many among the millions of users spend ages browsing stuff and chatting to people in their circle. Inadvertently they also tend to click on advertisements, share them, like them and in the process promote them. This vast pool of people could one day become your potential customer.

facebook ads

Highly targeted Advertising:

Targeted advertising is a specialization of Facebook. This offers targeting options that possibly you couldn’t have gauged such as life-event targeting, custom audiences and lookalike audiences. With such plethora of options advertisers get a good option to spend only on relevant audiences so that they can get optimum value from the money they spend on ads.

Cost effective Advertising:

Facebook ads cost a fraction of what other online marketing forums would cost. For a multinational it might not matter if they spend some dollars but for small businesses that won’t have a big budget it matters a lot. Every penny of the ad budget counts. So an effective way to do is to post links on Facebook and reach out to your pool of customers.

Different ROI:

Some businesses do well and some don’t. Success and failure happens in every business. Mostly businesses fail for the fact that the business didn’t have a solid strategy or due to the reason that they approach Facebook Ads with some wrong intentions. What you sell on Facebook greatly determines the success of your campaign and B2C businesses are likely to find more success than B2B in direct selling.

The results of your campaign are quite visible. The metrics such as:

  • Impressions: The number of times your ad was shown.
  • Reach: The number of users who saw your Ad.
  • The number of actions people took, such as clicks, page likes, engagement, comments and shares.
  • Cost per Click, Cost per Like and Cost per Conversion.

All these will help you gauge and understand your ad’s performance and measure ROI. This will also help you analyze what you spent and what you get out of it. With this you can optimize your campaign results as well and in the process get better results in terms of marketing.

So, for your business Facebook is the most cost-effective way of targeted and cost-effective marketing and if successfully executed in a professional way it will give your company rich dividends in the long run.

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How do I choose the right keywords – search engine optimization (SEO)?

It begins with your headline before you start the journey of your thoughts that are put forth in the article that follows. Using right keywords will ensure that you hit the right target. Keep this in view when putting together your keyword phrases list:

What is a keyword phrase?

To begin with, it is important to understand what your business needs are and what are the primary objectives. For this, we use the right keywords so that Google pulls up your site to the front list of search items whenever a user or customer types it in the browser.

For example, as a part of your business, you want to sell a white t-shirt for ladies. To appear on the top pages of Google’s search results your content should be filled with keywords and phrases such as “buy white t-shirts for ladies”, “attractive white t-shirt for ladies”, “ladies white t-shirt prices”, etc.

Further, where the number of products and services that you offer is expansive and you have an exhaustive range then you would be looking at a wider market. You may likely target shoppers at various stages of sales such as those who are researching for some specific products, those reading reviews about products and those comparing prices of products from different sources.

You can divide them into different groups and split them into buyer type, buyer stage, product type or region. Avoid keywords that are an extension of what you have already. For example, when you have used “buy white t-shirts” it doesn’t make any sense in adding “buying white t-shirts”.

Refine your keyword list

Many businesses have the habit of assigning certain keywords each time they optimize their web pages. Often these keywords are not just about SEO but also about defining a company’s marketing campaign.

Some attributes to refine your keywords list are:

  • Focus on some good phrases. Keep it simple to define your products and services in the best way possible.
  • Avoid vanity keywords and use more specific keywords to come up in the rankings significantly.
  • Product attributes such as colour, style, design, and shape, etc. should be spelt out.
  • Unique problems that people experience which your product can solve.
  • Anything specific or unique to your business.

Review how competitive the keywords are

One way to figure out keywords that are worth using frequently is the words which advertisers are interested in and willing to pay for. Google AdWords allows website owners to have their ads show for specific keywords. It is a quick way to target keywords although it involves some cost.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner will give valuable feedback on keywords that you want to use in your business. You can verify the expected cost per click, i.e. the amount advertisers are willing to pay for this keyword. Where advertisers are willing to pay more than $2 in New Zealand then it becomes clear that the keyword has prominence in the market and if used can translate into sales.

It is a universal truth that advertisers don’t pay for something which doesn’t sell. And these are words which specify commercial intent which gives an indication that buyers type those keywords not for window shopping but for buying. Use highly competitive keywords for later use if you are just starting out as you need to establish in the market before taking on the big guns.

Check your current ranking

The first step begins by checking your current ranking and where you stand before you start building your website with chosen keywords. This will enable you to chart your progress in due course. It will help you also determine whether you are on the right path and whether you are getting good results.

Check your current ranking through Google search and then scan the results page by page. You can change your settings to show more than 10 results on the search homepage. Change the results set to verbatim at the top under search tools to remove personalization which tends to uplift websites that you visited previously higher up in the results. Incidentally, this is a good reason for encouraging traffic on to your website.

Periodically review your target market

Just as technology changes and customer thinking changes, over a period of time words used also change. There will be new forms, abbreviations, and thoughts which are coined in daily conversation written and verbatim. To keep abreast of this you need to be aware of the performance of your product in the market. Is it still well received? For example, “mobile-friendly” has gained popularity with the introduction of smartphones and tablets. People use hand-held devices to gather information. So you need to keep moving with the changing times.

Have in place a keyword list and keep it expanding. Put them to best use in your blogs, tags, and titles or keep it peppering on your website to draw attention. Use them also when getting links from other websites. When kicking off an SEO project or when optimizing the website, keywords have a prominent role to play.